I’m excited about this year’s DevCon, not just because I’m a foodie and I love the food in New Orleans. I mean, c’mon, no one can pass up a beignet from Café du Monde. Besides the enticing food, I’m excited for the great speakers and sessions.

On July 9th and 10th DevCon 2012 will descend onto New Orleans and give its attendees over 30 sessions devoted to topics like system administration and integration, security and performance, Blackboard Building Blocks development, and openness. This year we will also have sessions devoted to Blackboard mobile development, so those of you that are curious about how to develop using Blackboard Mobile’s SDK (software development kit) can satisfy that curiosity.

We’ll also have the Ask the Experts lounge area that will allow you to sit down, one-on-one, with Blackboard technical experts and ask them questions. One recent attendee noted that this time was, “like free consulting.” The Ask the Experts lounge will be staffed with Blackboard tier 3 support staff, database experts, expert developers and product managers all equipped with the knowledge to tackle your most difficult technical questions.

Our sessions this year run the gambit from highly technical to moderately technical. Here’s a snapshot of just two of the over 30 sessions:

One of Blackboard’s newest members, Charles Severance will be presenting on the future of the Basic LTI standard and best practices with how to integrate Basic LTI tools into your courses.
Patricia Goldweic of Northwestern University will provide insight into Blackboard Building Blocks development best practices and will be demoing her Bboogle Building Block.

This year’s DevCon promises to be the premier professional development event for Blackboard system administrators and developers. Make sure not to miss out this year, and don’t forget those beignets!

Here’s a short video about the DevCon highlights.


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