Key insights into parent communication preferences


Your K-12 parents want timely communication about school related information that directly impacts their students. It’s such a simple principle to follow – until you factor in communication channels, device preferences, and messaging frequency.

Don’t sweat it, we’ve cracked the code to optimizing parent communication with our latest parent preferences survey. All the insight and feedback we collected is now available to help you boost parent involvement with meaningful messaging.

Discover the answers to your important communication questions in the infographic, and text alternative, below. For a complete look at the parent communication preferences survey data download our Parent Communications ebook.


Infographic about school parent communication preferences

Maximize the impact of your K-12 parent communications with these parent preferences survey results

  • 81% of parents want email updates for school-related information
  • 72% of parents want text messages for time-sensitive school updates
  • Over half of schools are infrequent users of social media, yet parents spend an average of 100 minutes on social media per day
  • 44% of parents access their district’s mobile app on either a daily or weekly basis
  • 67% of parents who are dissatisfied with the level of communication they receive are from districts that do not use social media frequently
  • Districts that use social media regularly and have a mobile app see a 17% increase in parent satisfaction

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