When one teacher in upstate New York used Blackboard to introduce a unit about owls to a group of fourth graders, not only were students excited, she had a successful lesson plan for future years.

Using the Easy Rich Media in Blackboard, she discovered interesting video content about owls, and easily added it to her lesson plan. And after watching the video with their peers in class and sharing it with their families at home, students returned excited, engaged and ready for the next step – dissecting owl pellets.

Digital content like this can be the catalyst to propel good lessons into great ones. A simple lesson now has a dynamic edge. There are numerous ways to bring multimedia into a blended classroom. Our new eBook, 5 Ways to Blend with Blackboard, illustrates popular methods to engage students with digital content. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Easy Rich Media. This is a great way to add multimedia to any class without having to go through the exercise of creating it. With a Easy Rich Media, you can draw from a variety of sources to make a video that is your own.
  • Interactive Video. Easily add interactive video to your class. In Blackboard Classroom, you can create engaging flipped lessons, video announcements, etc.
  • Blackboard Open Content. This is a cloud-based repository that integrates with learning management systems. But it goes beyond a standard repository by allowing you to share, discover, and copyright learning objects.
  • Content Editor. Add video, images, and audio to a course right within your LMS. This allows you to create engaging course content and share it with students without involving your IT department.
  • Digital Content Partnerships. Blackboard partners with numerous content providers such as Discovery Education, SoftChalk, Kaltura, CK-12, and SAS Curriculum Pathways, and many more. In addition to this, Blackboard’s standards alignment feature enables teachers to easily align class content to relevant state standards.

Learn how you can unlock student curiosity by downloading 5 Ways to Blend with Blackboard today.

Click to download the blended learning ebook

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