Planning for BbWorld 2010 in Orlando, Florida has begun, and we’re all busy as bees here at Blackboard – brainstorming, putting together project plans and forming committees to ensure we have the right people working to offer the best user conference we can.

But we need you to make it happen!

I invite you to participate in making BbWorld 2010 and the 2010 Developers Conference events to remember. We’re looking for a diverse group of volunteers for the BbWorld Program Committee, who will help us:

  • Develop themes and areas of focus for BbWorld 2010 and the DevCon
  • Actively recruit speakers for the Call for Proposals (Have you seen a great speaker at a regional user event? Ask them to submit a proposal!)
  • Review and rate submitted proposals in your area of expertise to help decide what should be included in the program.
  • Be a sounding board and active participant for ideas ranging from post-conference networking to live conference blogging and tweeting.

Last year 45 clients participated! 45 active, engaged peers of yours materially impacted what attendees saw and heard at the conference.  So if you have a voice and you want to be heard . . . well, this is your chance. Help us make BbWorld what YOU want it to be!

Does this sound interesting to you? Feel like participating?  Please e-mail us at

And don’t forget the Call for Presentations is open for both BbWorld and the Developers Conference! I encourage everyone (regardless of your interest in the Program Committee) to submit a proposal! Get your session proposal in before February 19, 2010.

See you in sunny Florida!

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