Can you believe it?  September is just around the corner, which, for educators, means it’s time to start preparing for Fall Semester.  And, what better way to jump-start your course planning than to take advantage of McGraw-Hill’s customizable, dynamic educational content and tools now available within the latest version of the Blackboard Learn™ platform?

The Blackboard-McGraw-Hill combined solution allows you to pull content, assignments and assessments from McGraw-Hill’s proven learning object repositories directly into your courses from within Blackboard Learn.  Integrate now, and dynamic course content – including eBooks, video and interactive exercises – as well as the ability to create custom textbooks, will be just a few clicks away.

Need convincing?  Today’s generation has integrated web-based technology into their daily lives and students expect dynamic content – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.   With Blackboard and McGraw-Hill’s integrated solution, educators can now meet students’ growing digital expectations by providing customized, media-rich content that actively engages students while improving outcomes.

Ready to get started?  The McGraw-Hill Digital Success Academy, a great resource for faculty, provides information on how to optimize the McGraw-Hill Building Block in the classroom as well as step-by-step instructions on how to set up courses before the start of the semester.

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