During our recent Sales Shift webinar, which highlighted the ways digital tools are changing sales, several participants asked about the future of mobile devices and tablet PCs in the business realm.  Recent studies show that 19 percent of U.S. adults already own a tablet, and there’s a good chance that these devices could have a significant impact on sales as tablet usage continues to rise.

With this in mind, I thought it would be useful to discuss best practices for sales teams that implement tablets. I recently came across this article and video that gives practical advice for leveraging a tablet during sales calls and trade shows:

#1: Organize your apps for easy access: Many devices allow you to easily categorize your mobile applications.  This will give you easier access to your most important apps when you are in the middle of a sales pitch.

#2: Create a clean professional home screen: Organizing your applications can also help create a clean, streamlined home screen.  A professional-looking screen will be less distracting for customers, helping them to focus on you and your products. You can even group business apps together and move other apps off of the home screen, which will help de-clutter your tablet while directing attention to the apps you need most.

#3: Practice multi-apping:  Just as you prepare yourself for a sale, you should also prep your tablet before a trade show or meeting.  Take a few minutes to make sure your tablet is well-organized, then open the apps or web pages you plan on using for that specific meeting so they are ready to go when you need them. In addition to these helpful tips, there are specific mobile applications that can also improve the way you conduct sales.  One of my personal favorites is EverNote, which syncs wirelessly with all of your devices so you can have seamless access to information recorded during sales calls.  Some more business-specific apps include Brainshark, which allows you to play multimedia presentations on your mobile device, and Milebug, which tracks miles driven for business trips or sales calls.  Of course, you can also take sales training to the next level with a Blackboard Mobile™ application for your company. When used properly, tablets can be a great addition to your sales force.  They can add a sleek and modern look to your sales pitch, put powerful applications (literally) at your fingertips, and help keep you connected to your team even when you’re on the go.  Check out our Blackboard Mobile page to learn more about the ways Blackboard can help your company leveraging tablets for sales, and leave us a comment about the ways your sales team has already gone mobile.

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