Companies typically view their investments in terms of dollars and cents.   However, in the Professional Education division of Blackboard, we think about investing differently – not in terms of “cents” but in “sense.” And we believe the decision that makes most sense is for an organization to invest in its people. In a world where Return on Investment (ROI) is an integral part of the business model, we choose to focus on “Impact on Business” instead. In a white paper prepared by Tim Hill, we explore this unique method for measuring success. Click here to read the full paper.

Investing in employees can be just as rewarding as financial investments.  Employee education and training demonstrates your commitment to the learner’s career and professional development, inspiring both loyalty and success.  When done correctly, the results will point to employees’ individual growth, and your corporation’s bottom line growth.  So, is your company putting learning where it belongs? Blackboard Professional Education Overview

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