I am very happy to announce that we have decided to improve our collaborations with Pearson in an effort to better support K-12 schools, teachers, and students. Over the upcoming months, Pearson and Blackboard will be working together to improve the integrity, security and flow of data between our comprehensive product portfolio and PowerSchool®, Pearson’s leading K-12 student information system (SIS).

As two of the largest providers of technology and services to the K-12 community, we made this decision in direct response to requests from our joint customer base. Our goal is to work together to make it easier for educators to access the information they need on the systems they use every day.

Some of the first improvements we will roll out are for school notifications through Blackboard Connect. Planned enhancements include the ability to send notifications from directly within PowerSchool, making it easier for schools to communicate more effectively with their communities and helping improve safety, student achievement and parental involvement. While we’re starting with Blackboard Connect, we plan to quickly improve integrations with PowerSchool across our K-12 solutions. By being more open and collaborative with Pearson, we expect to improve technology adoption and utility for our joint customers effecting a range of aspects, including teaching, learning, communications and parent engagement.

Improving our customers’ experience is very important to us—because it’s important to you. This partnership is a sign of our strong investment in the K-12 market and dedication to ensuring the success of our customers— we are working with almost 10,000 districts to help prepare for common standards, deliver new models of learning and ensure safe and secure learning environments with comprehensive solutions.

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