Advancing Learning Through the Student Perspective: Introducing the Blackboard Student Advisory Council


As members of the newly formed Blackboard Student Advisory Council, we’ll be expanding upon Blackboard’s ongoing commitment to student success by sharing our voices with the company as it plans and designs its software and solutions. We’ll play a critical role in ensuring the student perspective is incorporated into the company’s product planning and design.

Building on Blackboard’s long history of incorporating the student voice in its product design, our newly formed council will enable the same group of students to offer guidance over an extended period. We’ll meet regularly with Blackboard’s product and design leaders to offer our perspectives on current product features and design, as well as new capabilities in the company’s roadmap.

Our council consists of a diverse group of learners who span high school, undergraduate and graduate studies; attend public and private institutions; hail from across the globe and represent other aspects of diversity including race and gender identity.

Here’s a little more on each of the Council members:

  • Ayan (They/Them/Their and He/Him/His), Undergraduate Student, Middle East and Africa Region
  • Bruno (He/Him/His), Undergraduate Student, Europe Region
  • Carolina (She/Her/Hers), Undergraduate Student, Latin America and Caribbean Region
  • Charlie (He/Him/His), High School Student, North America Region
  • Charlotte (She/Her/Hers), High School Student, Europe Region
  • Connor (He/Him/His), Undergraduate Student, North America Region
  • Danielle (She/her/hers), Graduate Student, North America Region
  • Kasey (She/her/hers), Undergraduate Student, North America Region
  • Keegan (He/Him/His), Undergraduate Student, Asia-Pacific Region
  • Na’ilah (She/Her/Hers), High School Student, North America Region
  • Nitya (She/Her/Hers), High School Student, North America Region
  • Sammy (She/Her/Hers), Undergraduate Student, North America Region

“As the head of the council, I will say that we’re inspired by Blackboard’s mission to advance learning with the world’s education community. We see the Council as part of this partnership, helping the company get even more closely connected to students’ needs so that we can push education forward together,” said Connor.

As our work gets underway, we’ll use the blog to update you periodically–so, stay tuned for future posts. Thank you for taking a moment to read about us and what we’ll be up to. We’re excited to join Blackboard on this exciting journey and look forward to the great work ahead!