We are dedicated to helping learners reach their full potential using the power of technology. However, in addition to working toward Blackboard’s vision of a world inspired to learn and mission to reimagine education, we have a responsibility as part of the education industry to give back to our communities in a meaningful way.

We’ve been truly inspired by movements like the #PayMyTuitionChallenge, where students made a very clear call for help to make their education dreams a reality. We were excited to jump in and get involved by giving a total of $25,000 to three incredibly inspiring students. And we didn’t want to stop there because we believe that there’s much more to be done to give back.

So today, we are thrilled and extremely proud to announce our Charitable Giving Program.

Over the past several months, we have worked to form a cross-functional Charitable Giving Committee, made up of Blackboarders with significant charitable activity experience who have a passion for finding ways to give back. Next was to define the team’s vision and mission; a guide for Blackboard’s giving roadmap:

Our vision: A world with increased opportunity for all, through better access to education and technology.

Our mission: To leverage Blackboard’s unique resources to improve the effectiveness and availability of education by promoting, providing, and supporting educational opportunities globally.

Guided by these principles, the Committee has authority to award funding, coordinate employee volunteer time, and arrange for the donation of Blackboard solutions to eligible recipients—all with an emphasis on opportunities that leverage the unique resources that Blackboard employees and Blackboard solutions can deliver.

We are proud to share the vehicle in which we will do this – our Charitable Giving website. We want to hear about the different projects and programs you are undertaking to try and make a difference in the world – both for students and the larger education community. Please visit our website to view our 2014 application and learn how you can submit your ideas for the 2015 application process.

This is an exciting time for Blackboard as we continue to truly make a difference in the lives of all learners and the communities in which we live and work.

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