I want to take this first blog entry to introduce myself and tell you about what I will be sharing in this blog space. My name is John Canuel and I am the VP for K-12 Global Strategies. My work at Blackboard involves working with K-12 clients and leadership organizations to support how Blackboard can best support the needs of K-12 organizations, districts and schools to provide the best teaching and learning environments for our students. I will also be focusing on practice leadership, and ongoing communication with our K-12 partners.

I come to this work after 32 years of various work in K-12, as a classroom teacher, staff developer, technology specialist, curriculum director and library/technology director. My most recent work as the Executive Director of Educational Technology Services in Jeffco Public schools was to lead the effective use of technology tools, systems and practices for 86,000 students, 5,000 teachers in 150 schools. Part of this work involved the planning and implementation of online resources, using Blackboard to provide an educational portal for instructional resources, Digital Professional Learning Communities, online professional development opportunities, a full time virtual school and blended online learning opportunities for all students. I understand the challenges and opportunities we all face in this work. I have been there and I bring this passion and experience to the Bb K-12 team.

Through this blog, I hope to share our work at Blackboard as well as stories and reflections of work and experiences in schools and the K-12 world. We know that through the sharing of stories and reflections, we learn how to improve on our work and strategies. I ask for your help in identifying these stories of how Blackboard is supporting and leading effective practices to meet our students’ needs. If you have stories that you would like to share with me about how Bb is making a positive impact on the teaching and learning experience in your schools, please feel free to contact me at John.Canuel@blackboard.com. I look forward to our work together.


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