A few weeks ago, I blogged about the massive growth that Blackboard has seen in its Moodle client base. To further support this growth we have created a new, more focused team called Open Solutions for Moodle. Why?

In the past few months we have concluded three acquisitions in the Moodle space: Remote-Learner UK, X-Ray Analytics, and Nivel Siete. By bringing these companies together in a unified team, we are able to stop duplicating efforts and focus more on improving the experience for our clients and innovating on top of the Moodle platform.

Blackboard now has the largest team in the world working on Moodle, from developers and quality assurance people to graphic designers, support people and consultants, sales people, trainers and more. Bringing these teams together means that the Nivel Siete team in Bogota works seamlessly with the Remote-Learner UK team in England, the NetSpot team in Adelaide and the greater Moodlerooms team in Baltimore and throughout the world. The combination of these groups means that we can create a truly global community among our Moodle clients, not just focusing on Moodle but on everything that happens around it, from learning analytics or real time collaboration tools to accessibility and improving course design.

Another improvement is the consistent support and communication from our team, regardless of where you are in the world. You will see more innovation as well. Later this month, for instance, we will present our first public demo of X-Ray Analytics, a predictive learning analytics tool that uses data from Moodle, as part of our ongoing webinar series. This is an example of how we can leverage our global growth to innovate. In this case we now have a team of data scientists around the world who are researching how to best use your data inside of Moodle to improve learning outcomes. You can sign-up for this webinar, as well as our other events in our webinar program.

This is really an exciting moment for us at Blackboard, specifically as it relates to its Moodle business. The new team is eager to work with you.


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