Introducing Blackboard Open LMS—the New Face of Our Moodle-Based SaaS Product



Open LMS was acquired by Learning Technologies Group (LTG) on March 31, 2020. To learn more about Open LMS, please visit

Following the announcement of our strategic decision to exit the Moodle Certified Partner Program, we have focused on reassigning resources and aligning our open-source product with the vision we share for our Teaching & Learning solutions. Today, we are very excited to introduce you to the new face (i.e. name and branding) of our Moodle-based SaaS product: Blackboard Open LMS.

The name and branding may have changed, but there will not be any direct impact on our product, its accompanying services, its base platform, or its current integration with other solutions. Our SaaS product will remain the innovative, open-source teaching and learning solution it has always been.

We have continued to focus on offering open and balanced solutions to our clients, providing them with the best of the open-source community — together with the best of Blackboard’s experience and expertise in educational technologies. Therefore, it felt like a natural transition to go back to the root of what our product is — an open LMS.

Why Blackboard Open LMS?

  • We have an open mind at our core that allows us to adapt to different market needs and contribute to an ever-growing community of developers and users.
  • As an LMS, we provide a customizable experience with our Integrated Solution Ecosystem.
  • Our platform is the most mature and stable Moodle-based SaaS product in the market.
  • We offer a flexible yet scalable solution that helps our customers focus on what’s important: providing better teaching and Learning experiences.

Continued Growth

Our momentum hasn’t slowed down. We’re on track to add 250 new clients this year, our most successful year to date. This growth is being driven by the market’s move to SaaS. Our 10-year history of delivering an open and balanced SaaS solution coupled with excellent support has made us a popular choice for institutions wishing to move to SaaS and redirect resources towards activities that directly impact teaching and learning. Blackboard Open LMS maintains our commitment to contribute to the open-source community, while simultaneously focusing our efforts on improving our SaaS offering and providing deeper integrations with other Blackboard Teaching & Learning tools.

We are immensely grateful for the past years of learning and collaborating as partners together with the Moodle project, and we reaffirm our fervent commitment to open source and open standards. We are convinced more than ever that open source will keep evolving and will enhance the future of digital learning for years to come.

To learn more, please read the press release and visit the Blackboard Community to join the conversation and share your feedback.