Introducing Blackboard Data: Accelerating Impact Through Education Insight



At Blackboard, we realize that the LMS is simply not enough. As we look forward to the digital learning environment of tomorrow, we see a future in which educators and students are provided with flexible solutions, a connected experience and the data-driven insights needed to respond to their core challenges. What this means is that we can no longer think of analytics as a thing that we ‘add on.’ Instead, we need to think of analytics as an integral and embedded part of the education experience itself.

What is Blackboard Data?

Blackboard Data is a new unified, cross-portfolio data and reporting platform. Starting in 2019, Blackboard Data will begin rolling out as a core feature across our entire portfolio. It will give clients a single point of access to data from all of their current Blackboard product and service investments. It will also provide institutions with an engaging set of useful reports, surfacing insights about and between the learning activity taking place in Blackboard tools. It will also serve as the future home for new analytics products and capabilities.  It will leverage the power of the Blackboard portfolio to give our clients access to the knowledge they need in order to take the right action at the right time.

Conceptual Mockup: Subject to Change

The Blackboard Data Collaborative Program

The way we think about analytics is pretty simple. Analytics is meaningless on its own. But when paired with the right needs, the right questions, and a good sense of what you can do with the answers, it becomes a powerful accelerator for human action and decision-making.

We are building Blackboard Data in direct response to feedback from our customers.  Over the past year, we have launched multiple surveys and hosted numerous design workshops that have strongly informed our analytics strategy. In order to create an environment that is rich, open, intentional, and actionable, we are investing even more into understanding the needs and experiences of customers around the globe.  The Blackboard Data Collaborative Program will bring together domain experts from within the Blackboard community to clearly define challenges and develop data-driven solutions. Each cohort will produce a public whitepaper documenting its outcomes while also directly informing Blackboard Data development efforts. If you are interested in joining one of our cohorts, please sign up via the Blackboard Analytics Community Site here.

A Strong History of Surfacing Data

Since 2011, Blackboard has developed market-leading solutions to complement the human decision-making process. With Blackboard Analytics for Learn, we are helping institutions to optimize their instructional practices and increase educational quality.  With Blackboard Intelligence, we are helping colleges and universities to eliminate structural barriers to student success and increase institutional performance. With Blackboard Predict, we are helping campuses to identify at-risk students and increase campus coordination as part of an holistic approach to student success. With Blackboard Data, we will leverage the power of the Blackboard portfolio, expanding access to information and accelerating opportunities for action.  With Blackboard Data, we are building a flexible framework for delivering new features and products that will allow institutions to be agile in response to complexity and rapid change.

Starting in 2019, Blackboard Data will automatically be available for current Blackboard Learn SaaS and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra clients. Integrations for other products in the Blackboard portfolio are planned.

Analytics at Blackboard: Values, Vision, and Velocity

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