We all know that education has changed dramatically over the last decade. Think for a second about the technologies that we use every day: smartphones, tablets, social media, cloud, video collaboration, eLearning – 20 years ago, none of these existed. And further still, these technologies have only just begun appearing in meaningful ways in the classroom.

But what is on the horizon for education? What’s next? How can we capture this momentum we’ve experienced in education and use it to inspire the world to learn?

July 21-23, we will begin to look at the very heart of where we are and where we are going when we meet in Washington, D.C. for BbWorld 2015.

BbWorld is an event unlike any other. Designed exclusively around the multitude of perspectives in the education industry, it brings together people from around the globe to discover information, insights and ideas tailored specifically for the role they play. BbWorld 2015 will also feature unmatched networking opportunities where you can meet new people and bring key best practices and new data back to your day-to-day role.

Here are just a few things you can do to start getting ready for BbWorld 2015:

Join us to help inspire the world to learn.

To learn more about BbWorld 2015, visit us online at BbWorld.com

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