As more schools explore options to integrate the latest digital learning tools into their traditional learning environment, many online academic leaders are also exploring ways to integrate tools that provide teacher-student interaction and peer relationship building that often comes with face-to-face learning.

Taking inspiration from these challenges, Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC) thought of ways to incorporate best practices from traditional pedagogy into their online program. The result was the development of interactive learning hubs called Learning GOCLabs, which deliver blended instruction for K-12 students in order to address the needs of young online learners. Students have the options of participating in live instruction on campus, attending remotely, or reviewing the instructional recording at a later time.

GOC has since seen increased student engagement, enhanced student and teacher relationships, and the creation of a learning environment where synchronous instruction and collaboration are taking place for students attending on or off campus.

As a result of developing an intuitive and flexible way of providing students a truly blended learning environment, GOC was recently awarded a Blackboard Innovation Award,  part of our Catalyst Award series. We are thrilled to see GOC’s goal of providing the ultimate flexibility for both online and traditional learners come to life.

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