Higher ed has traditional been based on the concept of the credit hour. But there has been a lot of discussion on how schools can better support a wide variety of learning styles and paces and how they can emphasize skills and competencies learned over “seat time” and traditional grades.  Competency-based education is an important model that has the potential to offer learners an efficient path to a college degree, professional skills and employability.

Capella University has embraced the concept through the recent implementation of FlexPath, an innovative direct assessment learning model. With FlexPath, students have a flexible amount of time in which to complete their learning and demonstrate their knowledge via a set of competency assessments performed by Capella faculty.

Today, FlexPath is the first and currently only competency-based direct assessment program in the country approved by the U.S. Department of Education for the bachelor’s and master’s levels, offering courses for both undergraduate and MBA students. A trailblazer in the competency based education movement, Capella University was recently awarded a Blackboard Innovation Award,  part of our Catalyst Award series.

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