Knewton, a learning technology company, recently posted a fascinating infographic entitled “The Flipped Classroom: Turning Traditional Education on Its Head.” What is the flipped classroom, you ask? According to the infographic, it is a classroom that “inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of class and moving ‘homework’ into the classroom.” Institutions that adopted the flipped classroom model have already seen significant positive results, including significant decreases in the number of students who earned failing grades.

Though this particular infographic highlights a K-12 setting, it isn’t difficult to imagine the benefits a flipped classroom could bring to professional or career college students.  By combining robust online resources with individualized guidance when needed, students with busy lifestyles can learn at their own pace while still receiving the instruction they need for success. Has your professional or career college implemented the flipped classroom concept? To learn more about this learning model, view the infographic below or visit the Knewton website:

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