Connecting the K-12 community on mobile devices



The K-12 community is staying more connected than ever and they want K-12 schools to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. When students are able to easily access information about their schoolwork and parents are involved in their child’s education, K-12 learners are becoming more ready for college and careers.

Check out the infographic below (with the text alternative) and see what students, parents, administrators, and communications leaders are saying about communicating and learning via mobile devices. And learn more about making, maintaining and measuring a mobile K-12 district

Infographic of stats and facts about K-12 mobile communications

Text alternative

Students, parents, schools and districts agree that mobile devices provide new ways to communicate and learn.


  • Do you think all students should be able to use a laptop, tablet, or Chromebook at school?
    • 74% of the Kindergarten – 2nd grade group said yes
    • 83% of the 3rd – 5th grade group said yes
  • Imagine you are designing your dream school. Which of these tools would have the greatest positive impact on your learning?
    • School mobile app:
      • 60% (Grades 6-8)
      • 52% (Grades 9-12)
    • Internet access anywhere in school
      • 78% (Grades 6-8)
      • 77% (Grades 9-12)
  • I have a smartphone with internet for my own use, but not provided by my school.
    • 72% of students in grades 6-8 said yes
    • 86% of students in grades 9-12 said yes


  • 67% of families have a fast internet connection
  • 72% of families have a wifi connection
  • 94% of parents have a smartphone with internet for their own use
  • How likely would you be to purchase a mobile device for your child for educational purposes?
    • Somewhat likely: 17%
    • Very likely: 24%
    • I already have purchased one: 11%
    • I think the school should provide educational technology: 23%
  • As a parent I believe incorporating mobile devices into instruction would:
    • Improve teacher-parent-student communications: 54%
    • Increase student engagement in school and learning: 55%
  • As district mobile apps are growing, 30% of parents feel this is the most effective method of communication

Administration/Communications Leaders

  • 82% of school site admins believe that mobile devices provide a way for student to extend learning beyond the school day
  • 65% of school site admins believe that using mobile devices improves teacher-parent-student communications
  • When asked, “which of these methods do you think are most effective for communicating with parents today?”
      • Mobile app
        • 32% (school site admins)
        • 49% (communications leader)
      • School website
        • 54% (school site admins)
        • 74% (communications leader)
      • Social media
        • 39% (school site admins)
        • 76% (communications leader)

Source: Project Tomorrow, 2015 Speak Up Survey