In April, LIM College co-hosted Blackboard’s annual Professional & Career College Summit . This year’s theme was Student Success, and we met up with Fashion Merchandising faculty member, Nancy Miller , to talk about how she incorporates quality content into her online classroom. Watch our video interview with her below and learn some of her key suggestions for improving course content quality afterward.

Miller emphasizes the importance of the teaching philosophy at the center of educational content. She believes teachers can transfer their philosophies to the online world by engaging learners, communicating openly, and consistently providing feedback to students. “What I’ve done in the classroom I’ve brought into our Blackboard course shell,” says Miller. I have created a class dynamic through discussions and emails with students and the feedback I provide them.

Miller also believes her students know she wants them to succeed, and she says it is a 50/50 commitment to work together toward success. “Be creative when coming up with assignments and discussions,” she says, “Content is important, but the way you deliver it is just as important.”

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