Imperial Valley College, a member of the California Community College system, has chosen Blackboard Learn as its new learning management system (LMS) for Fall 2012.

The decision comes after a thorough evaluation of alternative enterprise learning systems, and was driven after a comprehensive round of strategic planning at the College.

“We are really striving to be an exemplar among the California Community Colleges,” commented Todd Finnell, Vice President for Informational Technology. “When we sat down to implement our strategic vision for our institution, it became apparent that a review of our current e-Learning systems was necessary.”

Officials at the College cited deep publisher integrations with Blackboard partners like McGraw- Hill, Cengage Learning and Pearson as a key influencer in their decision to choose Blackboard Learn.

“With the inclusion of digital content integrations like Pearson’s MyMathLab and MySpanishLab content now available inside Blackboard Learn, we have selected a platform that is an exciting and unique destination for our institution,” explained Finnell. “We see these tools as a huge win for our faculty and students.”

Open Standards are also important to the College, and the support of Common Cartridge 1.2 in Blackboard Learn 9.1, SP9, allow faculty and administrators to easily import and export their course content in and out of their environments, including if a migration away from Blackboard Learn was necessary.

“We never again want to be held hostage with our content,” admitted Finnell. “A big selling point for Blackboard was the ability to say, ‘Hey, if we ever want to try another platform, we know that our course content is backed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium, and easily importable into other learning systems.’”

The rising cost of tuition in California, along with other fiscal challenges, was also a key challenge for Imperial Valley College.

“We were asking ourselves how we could make decisions on the technology side to help be as efficient as possible, knowing the budget crisis was likely to compound year-over-year,” revealed Finnell. “Our decision was driven by a desire to do things as efficiently as possible, while still offering the best possible online experience for our students.”

Want to hear more about Imperial Valley’s move to Blackboard Learn? Please contact the Mike Lovell.

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