Today’s generation of warfighters are faced with numerous challenges – from evolving threats, to longer deployments, to humanitarian missions.  They need learning and training strategies that are agile enough to cope with such a landscape.  And that’s where Blackboard comes in.

Blackboard Learn™ is an agile, rapidly deployed learning system that integrates with existing learning environments to provide both the structure and flexibility recommended by Advanced Distributed Learning and trainees, and to accommodate how people are actually learning today.

Of course, if you choose to implement an online learning platform, you’ll want to know what your return on investment is, right?   To answer, you’ll need to quantify learning results, which is actually easier than you might think.  In the case of military, it’s called Impact on Mission (IOM).

Just as training in the corporate world must be measured against Return on Investment (ROI) or Impact on Business (IOB), military instruction must also be assessed to determine how well it fulfills the needs of today’s military, which includes active duty personnel as well as reservists and civilians who play an increasingly vital role in how we defend our country. Our integrated, collaborative approach to learning meets the demands of today’s learners, achieves the objectives of government agencies, and most importantly, improves the results of military missions by having better prepared troops, commanders, and all other forms of personnel.

Read our new White Paper, “Making an Impact on Mission: How Learning is Being Transformed for a New Generation of Warfighters,” for both more information and case studies on the practical implementations of IOM.

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