If You’re Not Competing…You’re Losing Enrollments


Today’s parents have a variety of options about where to send their child for their education. Gone are the days when children are limited to attending the school within their geographic boundary. When it comes to competition, it doesn’t matter if you work for a public, private, charter, or online school—you’re all competing for the same students. Check out the infographic for some facts about the competition affecting your school or district.

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Is your school or district in the position to compete with these different options for enrollments? Are you in the position to best market yourself to your parents and community members? Are you able to clearly articulate what makes you special? Are you continuously educating your stakeholders on what makes you different?

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and not sure what to do in the face of all this stiff competition, check out our ebook –  “Congratulations, you’ve got competition—to discover five ways you can maintain and grow your school or district’s enrollment.