Guest Blog Post from Joe DiPietro, Instructional Designer at George Mason University. Joe shares his the story of an unforgettable teachable moment that he had experienced in a peer-to-peer setting.

A growing program at my university was seeking options to best support scaling and growth. The greatest concerns for key stakeholders and policymakers was that any selected option must provide equivalent educational experiences and academic rigor while concomitantly maintaining the same overall quality of instruction as the face-to-face courses generating the initial buzz.I realized I had the opportunity for a teachable moment with my colleagues. I introduced Blackboard Collaborate in a face-to-face demonstration-style setting. What started as a relatively tame, single-computer-and-projector session quickly evolved into something truly authentic, engaging, and immersive. After about 15 minutes, nearly all participants were logged in to a shared session via their own PCs, Macs, AND iOS devices. We discussed and explored the affordances and constraints of the environment in deep and meaningful ways that truly impacted us all.

A few days later, I was speaking with a colleague about the session. She was not in attendance, but expressed her interest and passed along some interdepartmental gossip. Apparently, a great many of the folks I met with were on the proverbial fence about moving their program and respective courses online. However, our brief time together positively shifted perceptions and these undecided faculty now felt empowered and excited about using Blackboard Collaborate as an instructional tool.

And, yes, they scheduled a follow-up session.

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