There’s been a lot of chatter these days about the impact massive open
online courses (MOOCs) could have on higher education, and at Blackboard, we’ve been particularly excited about the launch of our own MOOC platform. But as I see it, MOOCs not only have the power to shift paradigms in higher education, but could also significantly change professional training as we know it.

There was an interesting article in Workforce recently that discussed how MOOCs could change the way prospective employees gain emerging skills necessary for a new job, especially in the face ever-changing technology. The article addresses the fact that MOOCs may not be immediately adopted in the corporate space since many MOOC platforms don’t have the capability to deliver accurate data about how their courses impact skills gaps across a particular enterprise.

However, I believe this problem could be solved once MOOC courses are tied into a company’s existing LMS that does collect these metrics, and as the article continues: “’The market for (corporate) MOOCs will start to mature when large multinational companies realize they can use it to develop their talent pipeline,’ from identifying new recruits to helping employees master competencies required for job proficiency.”

What do you think? Could MOOCs have an impact on corporate training in the near future, or is it still too early to tell? Tell us what you think in the comments section below, and stay on the lookout for future posts on MOOCs in business training and development.

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