How to communicate with millennial parents



This is a guest blog by Rhea O’Connor, marketing manager at Peachjar. Blackboard has partnered with Peachjar to provide school districts with a way to further streamline their school-to-home communication. Peachjar provides an innovative solution that allows schools to send digital flyers directly to parents as visually engaging images. 

Millennial parents are a rapidly growing population in K-12 school districts, that’s why it’s important for K-12 professionals to understand how to most effectively communicate school information with them. In fact, 43% of current parents in schools are millennials, as are 90% of new parents now.

Millennials were born between the years 1982-2000 and are characterized as being socially connected digital natives who are constant consumers of content.

So how do K-12 professionals break through to this group? Here are 5 good rules of thumb in communicating with millennial parents:

#1. Use visuals

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, and they also receive 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs when used in a Facebook post. Use of color in a school newsletter has shown to increase a parent’s willingness to read by 80%, and use of video in a social media post or an email has shown to increase click-through rates by 200-300%.

#2. Make it brief

The average human attention span is just 8 seconds – 8 SECONDS! That’s less than that of a goldfish. Which means that content for parents must be quick and to the point.

#3. Go mobile

Many K-12 parents rely on mobile to access the Internet, so a school’s website should utilize responsive design to ensure millennial parents can easily view its content on their mobile devices. Since millennial parents spend a great deal of time on their phone, this is a great place to connect with parents through email, blogs and social media.

#4. Share the district’s cause

Another characteristic of millennials is their affinity towards brands that support a cause. If a school or district would like a loyal supporter for life, they need only share their “why” with millennial parents.

#5. Master the district’s Google page

The overwhelming majority of millennials use Google to conduct any kind of research. That’s why it’s important that what they find during their search is positive and valuable. Since few ever go past the first page of Google, producing new and relevant content will push old, washed-up news to the back.

Some may ask, what about the non-millennial parents? Chances are they also enjoy visuals with brief, emotional content served up to them digitally. So K-12 professionals shouldn’t be afraid to utilize these tips for all audiences in their district.

For more detailed tips on communicating with millennial parents, view our webinar.