Those of you who have bookmarked the BbWorld web site probably noticed that we’ve announced this year’s program featuring more than 100 client-led presentations! We are really excited to see so many clients eager to participate and speak on such great topics!

One of the questions I am frequently asked is, “How do you select sessions for BbWorld?” The answer is that I don’t – you doFind out how after the jump….

The selection committee is made up of a cross-section of clients – from system administrators to instructional designers, community colleges to K-12 organizations, located in the U.S. and around the world. Each reviewer brings their own interests and experience in e-learning to the table. This year, 45 clients volunteered to be a part of the client program committee. These 45 clients plus a team of Blackboard staff reviewed the session proposals submitted for BbWorld and the Blackboard Developers Conference.

Committee members focus on topics that are close to their hearts – a system administrator might review ideas on scalability and growth while an instructional designer would review ideas about pedagogy or student engagement. The client program committee review and rank proposals and categorize them by theme.

Our goal is to end up with a balanced, varied and innovative program that provides attendees with the content that impacts what they do everyday.  Now that you know how it works, check out the BbWorld sessions available for you:

Faculty & Teachers
Project Leaders, Program Managers & Directors
Instructional Designers & Curriculum Coordinators
System Administrators & Developers
Training & Support Leads
Focus on K-12

Keep an eye out for the launch of MyBbWorld Itinerary Builder coming soon to the BbWorld web site. It will allow you to search for the sessions to create your own personal session schedule.

If you have ideas on how we might make the program better, or, if you’re interested in joining the client program committee next year, send me an email at Everyone is welcome to participate!

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