You may already know that professional colleges and universities are well-suited for students with active lifestyles, including parents and individuals with full-time jobs.  What you may not know, however, is that many professional colleges have specific programs and services that benefit members of our military, their spouses, and veterans. Here are a few of the top ways that professional colleges and universities serve members of our military:

  • Schools such as Harrison College have specific policies in place that minimize penalties to service members who must withdraw from classes upon being called to active duty.
  • Herzing University, which has been listed as a top military-friendly school, is one of many professional universities that offer credit for military training, experience, and testing.
  • Many schools, such as Capella University, have experienced teams dedicated to supporting members of the military and their families. (Capella even has specialized military social networks!)
  • Career colleges often provide grants, scholarships, and discounts off tuition to veterans, current members of the military, and even military spouses.

In addition to these specific programs and benefits, professional colleges also offer flexible course schedules and online degree programs that can help service members complete their degrees on time.  To learn more about the various ways in which professional colleges and universities are serving our military, search for military services on your school’s website or visit the individual pages above.

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