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How Higher Colleges of Technology Is Taking Professional Development to the Next Level


When considering the roles EdTech and eLearning play in preparing the next generation of students for the workforce in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Abdullatif M. Al Shamsi, President and CEO of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), puts it succinctly: “It’s not a luxury for academic institutions … it’s a must.”

Delivering the most advanced digital learning experience requires a rigorous Professional Development (PD) program that ensures instructors are trained and knowledgeable in the latest digital innovations. To accomplish this, HCT has adopted Blackboard’s PD offering –the Digital Teaching and Learning Series (DTLS), or e-Teacher—as the foundation of its cutting-edge PD solution. The series is nimble and allows HCT to provide training that helps fuel a growing pipeline of students who are well-prepared to succeed in jobs across the technology sector. Learn more about HCT’s strategic plans for the coming years and how the institution is leveraging DTLS to help accomplish this in the interview below.