Recent cuts to federal travel budgets now have a considerable impact on the way federal trainers approach learning delivery within their respective agencies.  As the President calls for a heavier reliance on video conferencing and web-based capabilities to replace face-to-face training courses, federal trainers must continue to foster core competency and skill set development within their workforce.Here’s our solution: Blackboard Collaborate, a solution that delivers highly effective and engaging online instruction, meetings, and help—anywhere, any time—across your government agency.

Blackboard Collaborate combined with Blackboard Learn mimics face-to-face learning that many federal learners have grown accustomed to- but it’s cost effective.  So if your agency is ready to deliver succession planning, streamline knowledge transition, enhance collaborative learning, reduce training costs, and/or improve mission outcomes, Blackboard Collaborate is the solution for you. Here are some top features of the Blackboard Collaborate solution that will deliver cost-effective results for your agency:

  • Web Conferencing facilitates interactive instruction, help, and meetings through an enhanced user experience.
  • Voice Authoring gives you the opportunity to create engaging and effective asynchronous learning by facilitating vocal instruction, collaboration, personalized coaching, and assessment.

When combined with solutions such as Blackboard Learn, your agency will also gain the ability to assess learning outcomes in real time to increase trainee success and measure which training programs are the most effective. Explore the ways that Blackboard Collaborate can help members of your agency stay connected and remain on-task with training plans, even in the face of today’s budget cuts and travel restrictions.

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