IT teams everywhere are devoting too much time to first-level support.

In a recent survey, Blackboard studied 500,000 support interactions over the course of a year and found that almost half (45.78%, if you want to be precise) were simple password-reset requests. By redirecting those calls to technologies such as password-retrieval tools, 46% of incoming calls were deflected before they ever reached a support person.

All of the time and resources spent fielding these and other routine support calls could be much more efficiently handled through automation. And this would free up an awful lot of your scarce time and valuable resources that could be going towards improved training, quicker response time to complex issues, smoother technology roll-outs.

Not only can you free up a substantial amount of staff time — time that can be reallocated to more critical tasks — you can consider additional benefits, like 24/7 support (which today’s students have grown to expect) and multi-modal support to accommodate users’ personal preferences. By innovating your response to their basic requests, you not only provide them with more available support, but a better overall experience, too.

We’ve created an infographic that pulls together some ideas on how your support team could be spending their time if they had 46% more of it – and how this can result in higher levels of student, faculty, and administrative staff satisfaction.

If you want to read the full report, you can download,  Sky’s the Limit: What Could You & Your Team Accomplish with 46% More Time and learn how colleges and universities are finding time for more strategic work by rethinking student support.

The benefits of upgrading your support are myriad.

See how some of these schools are:

  • Focusing on training and technology adoption
  • Better able to handle more complex issues
  • Increasing satisfaction among students and faculty

Rethink your IT Support.

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