When the Federal Government created new educational regulations stating universities must better prepare students for gainful employment, Troy University saw it as a chance to fine-tune its own efforts. With unemployment at record high levels, Troy decided to make internship placement more readily available to all of its students in an effort to help them gain employment after graduation.

Troy already had career centers at each of its four campuses, but an increasing number of students were taking classes online from remote locations without access to the on-campus centers. With roughly half of the student body online, Troy University needed a new solution to help the students find internships prior to graduation. “There was definitely a need for internship placement for the online students,” said Ronnie Creel, director of Education Technology at Troy.Mr. Creel soon found Internships.com, a new Building Block for the Blackboard Learn™ platform. A Blackboard Premier Partner, Internships.com is a free online resource that helps match students with potential companies that have internship opportunities. Students can do keyword searches for specific internships, search listings based on their field of interest or look for internships within a specific geographic location.  The Internships.com module currently has more than 68,000 internships available from 20,000 companies located throughout the United States.

More than 2,500 students, 20 percent of the online student body, began using Internships.com within the first three months of deployment. “We just added the resource as a tab within the Blackboard Learn platform and did no marketing – the students found it on their own,” said Creel. “Students are already spending a lot of time using the resource.”

Internships.com has been successful for students at other universities as well.  Andie Lowenstein from the University of Missouri–Columbia said the most valuable aspect of Internships.com was being able to easily apply to a number of companies at once. “I was successful with finding jobs two summers in a row. The competition is high and many sites don’t make it as easy as Internships.com to find the application.”

Check out the full case study to learn about how Troy University is taking advantage of the Internships.com solution and how Internships.com is helping students find job opportunities.

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