Blackboard Connect recently teamed up with the California Department of Public Health and CDPH Director Dr. Mark Horton to help spread the word about vaccinations. In support of their continued efforts, we wanted to share news about another important public health and safety awareness campaign from CDPH.

For the second year in a row, the CDPH is hosting its Flu-Fighting Film and Poster Festival. The contest is calling on creative California students and residents to produce motivational videos or posters encouraging residents to follow healthy practices for combating the flu this year. The contest serves as a great way to educate students on ways to prevent the spread of the flu while promoting the adoption of healthy habits.

One winner will be selected from four categories and each will be awarded a $250 gift card (provided by the California Immunization Coalition). Winning video entries will be used as public service announcements throughout the state of California and will be featured on the CDPH website, among others.  Poster entries will be distributed to local health departments and schools across the state and available for download online.

As Blackboard Connect helps schools, universities and communities communicate important public health messages and information, we are supportive of the CDPH’s efforts to spread awareness of preventative measures for keeping people healthy and safe.

Good luck to those that enter! Contest ends November 30.

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