Today is a day to celebrate some unsung heroes – the people who make our lives possible in this 24×7 networked age.  I’m talking about System Administrators. 

Without them our computers couldn’t talk to one another, our email would remain undelivered, our VoIP phones would fall quiet, we couldn’t teach and learn online.  System Administrators know that we’re counting on them to keep the electronic services we’ve come to rely on, up and running.  They usually only hear from us when we’ve got problems – system down, forgot my password, laptop infected with a virus.  They put in long hours on nights and weekends to ensure that the rest of us experience minimal disruptions.  How often have they been the calm voice on the other end of your phone line reassuring you that everything is going to be all right? 

Today is SysAdmin Day, the day to say thanks to the fine men and women who keep our networks, servers, websites, laptops, printers, and entire IT infrastructures humming. 

Thank you!

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