When it comes to finding the right learning management system (LMS), many associations struggle to find the right solution to meet their needs.  But in their new Association Learning Management Systems report, the leaders of Tagoras highlight some of the top LMS’s that can help associations educate and engage with their members. Those of us at Blackboard were proud to be featured in this list, and our own Paul Terry had the opportunity expand upon our work with associations in a recent interview with Tagoras Managing Director Celisa Steele.

In his interview, Paul emphasized the importance of social learning in associations, as this peer-to-peer engagement is critical to fostering strong relationships between association members. By capturing the highly relevant information shared through such social learning, LMS solutions like Blackboard can help associations meet their constituents’ needs while unifying the group towards their common goals.

You can listen to Paul’s entire interview with Tagoras by clicking here, or visit our website to learn how Blackboard can help foster social learning at your association.

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