The value of parental involvement on student achievement is clear. Multitudes of studies and research findings repeatedly show the strong correlation between the degree of a parent’s involvement with their child’s education and success in the classroom. The Harvard Family Research Project, an advocacy organization based out of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is an ardent supporter of policies and initiatives promoting greater family involvement in schools. Many schools are going to extreme lengths to institute programs encouraging and increasing parental involvement within their districts.

At Blackboard Connect, we truly believe in harnessing the power of parental involvement for enhancing education. Recently we hosted a webinar featuring  Blackboard mass notification system clients and parents from  two districts talking about how communication from the school to the home has been transformed through the use of Blackboard Connect or AlertNow.  

Everett Public Schools, in Everett, Wash., uses Blackboard Connect to send out daily attendance messages to parents informing them of unexcused absences. These days, Blackboard Connect is regularly used to relay important school communication and information to parents. In addition to time-sensitive calls and attendance notifications, Everett Public Schools uses Blackboard Connect for community outreach efforts, ranging from event reminders, school newsletters, classroom and teacher assignments, and school lunch balance alerts.

At Traverse City Area Public Schools in Michigan, AlertNow is used throughout the district to boost parental involvement. After seeing an immediate response to the attendance notification, with a drop in unexcused absences by half, Traverse City started using AlertNow for all sorts of school communication efforts, from event reminders to bus delays to volunteer surveys, as well as transportation schedule updates.

“I feel much more involved in my children’s education because of AlertNow,” said Denise Timm, mother of two Traverse City students. “If I’m out running errands, I can get a message sent to my cell phone allowing me to respond immediately and be there more readily.”

As schools and districts work tirelessly to motivate parents to take an active role in their child’s education, Blackboard mass notification systems provide a robust solution for enhancing communication for encouraging greater parental involvement. To hear more about increasing parental involvement with Blackboard mass notification systems, click here to download the webinar.

For more information about Blackboard mass notification and parental involvement, check out our case studies: 

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