Hackboard:Data – coming soon to a Blackboard DevCon near you!


Blackboard Data, our next-generation data and analytics platform which is currently under development with initial release planned later this year, experienced its first real-world application in February at our Hackboard:Data developer event. Roughly two dozen data experts from 14 institutions currently using existing Blackboard Analytics solutions were given an introduction and training on the new platform, and were invited to give feedback on the product roadmap.

Blackboard Data will enable institutions to draw together key insights from across the Blackboard EdTech platform, our partner ecosystem, and beyond through the use of open standards like LTI Advantage, Caliper, and more. With Blackboard Data, clients will experience the full benefit of the Blackboard EdTech platform by bringing together data from each of the Blackboard products and services. And by surfacing insights right into those workflows that make the most sense for users, institutions will gain a holistic perspective on the student experience in a SaaS environment that empowers faculty, instructional designers, and administrators to be responsive to the needs of students today and the students of tomorrow.

At the Hackboard:Data event, our partners Snowflake and Pyramid Analytics provided training on their products, and we challenged attendees to use these tools with our canonical data model to create unique insights. In less than two days, the delegates defined a question, identified the available source data required, created a query to prepare the data, and created a visualization aimed at a specific stakeholder group. We will continue to work with this cohort as we develop the platform further, to ensure that Blackboard Data meets the needs of our customers.

We are excited to announce that we will be bringing Hackboard:Data to worldwide Blackboard events, including BbWorld, TLC Europe and TLC ANZ, within the DevCon pre-conference event. Attendees can choose which sessions are of most interest to them, and there’s no need to pre-book (other than registering for DevCon). There are four sessions available, including an overview of Blackboard Data as well as opportunities to work with the user interface and to provide feedback on the experience, documentation, and administrative workflows.

All you need to do in order to get hands-on with this pre-release version of Blackboard Data is attend your local Blackboard DevCon. The upcoming DevCon events are:

  • Blackboard TLC Europe in Newcastle, UK on May 13th-16th. Find out more and register at https://bbtlceurope.com
  • BbWorld in Austin, TX on July 22nd-25th. Find out more and register at https://bbworld.com
  • Blackboard TLC ANZ in Sydney, Australia on August 19th-22nd. Find out more and register at https://bbtlcanz.com/

If you’re interest in keeping up with the progress of these events, join the Hackboard:Data Community Group at http://community.blackboard.com/groups/hackboard-data