For those of you keeping an eye out, we announced our winners for the 2006 Greenhouse Awards at BbWorld last week.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Greenhouse Awards, they are three sets of awards designed to highlight client innovation. Over the next few posts, I will highlight each of the awards, showcasing the winners.

Today I’ll highlight Seton Hall and Paul Fisher, Director of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center at Seton Hall.

  • Paul Fisher

  • Grace May

  • David Middleton

  • Kristen Jakubek

  • Vivienne Carr

    "With the start of any project there is always good forward motion, lots of work gets done and we see good results.  After seeing some good results the burns less intense because of other demands on our time.  The Greenhouse Award will serve to fuel the fire on our project once again, with not only the additional resources but the acknowledgement from the community of the good hard work by the team at Seton Hall University."

    Regarding how he thinks winning will impact his team, Paul said:

    "When you’re in the midst of any project it is hard to see the forest for the tress, the Greenhouse projects allowed the team members to take a step back and see the "bigger" results this project has had on our campus."

    I asked Paul Fisher from Seton Hall for his opinion on what the biggest learning experience in the process of applying for the Greenhouse Award was. Here’s what he had to say:


Project Description
Using the Blackboard Content System as a secure personal repository for storage of individual work and artifacts available to all members of the Seton Hall community, Seton Hall has developed and implemented the Standards Portfolio,  a system that can be used effectively for assessment and to create portfolios that are tied to records and course work.

Seton Hall University: Standards Portfolio

GREENHOUSE COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE AWARD: these awards are designed to help build a collective body of knowledge, and rewards clients who have successfully developed and deployed initiatives that promote best practices in the adoption of Internet technology in the educational environment.  We reward initiatives that have a significant impact on the broader e-learning community, are truly boundary-spanning, and promote collaboration, information exchange, and sharing of best practices.

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