As you may have seen here and here, we’ve been teasing you about June 7, 2012 being your lucky day. If you’re following our social channels (TwitterFacebookLinkedInPinterestSlideshare, and Flickr) or reading this blog post you’re one click closer. Starting today – June 7 at 10am ET through June 8, 8:30pm ET – you get one more chance to register for BbWorld at a reduced rate.

We’re calling it Lucky 7. We’ve lowered the registration rate to $777 (and $477 for K-12 folks) for 48 hours only. To get lucky with this rate, copy this promo code BW2012777 (or BW2012477) and click on over to the registration page to activate.

You may be wondering why you should follow us on social media to get discount info. Well, social media and access to others through technology is growing. It is fast, convenient, and it allows for everyone to stay connected and become informed. Which brings me to my next point about social learning. The main idea of social learning is collaboration between parties. In order to learn more, you need to communicate more… and BbWorld is the best opportunity of the year to do that!

At, BbWorld 2012 social learning is one of our five themes. You can attend various sessions that address social learning. Through these sessions, you will discover how to incorporate social learning into your classroom.

Next, you can check out Blackboard’s social lounge. This way, you can meet with our VIP BbWorld bloggers, trade Twitter handles, get some tips, and hear about how Blackboard is expanding our own social presence.

As Blackboard CEO Michael Chasen says, “Technology isn’t changing education, the consumers are.” Social learning is coming to the forefront of education with an increase in online communities and places where students can collaborate and share ideas outside the classroom. The digital space is growing at exponential rates, and it would be a lost opportunity if educators did not take advantage.

So ask yourself, do you feel lucky?

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