Getting ready for TLC ANZ 2019


In a few days we will host our annual Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC), which will take place in Sydney on August 20-22. Educators, administrators and industry leaders will gather to discuss how innovation in education technology will enable institutions to address their most pressing needs. 

As many of you know, TLC provides a unique moment for our clients to share experiences and highlight successes. I have attended TLCs for many years and it is always inspiring to hear how technology can truly make a difference in the lives of students and teachers. Every attendee should expect to go back home with food for thought and new ideas to implement within their institutions.

I am looking forward to this TLC, as we’ll have the chance to talk about some of the issues that are particularly relevant for Australia and New Zealand, and show how we are driving the next wave of innovation in edtech.

Moving to the cloud… and beyond

Every other day we hear about the advantages of cloud computing­—lower costs, quicker delivery of features and enhancements, zero downtime updates—and the path to the cloud is clearly outlined; we see that happening in many other industries, from retail to healthcare. But it’s not just a question of changing the deployment method of the LMS. You should also start thinking about the new possibilities and the added value that comes from leveraging an integrated edtech platform: scalability, robustness and the same look-and-feel throughout different solutions and devices for an enhanced and more engaging user experience. You will hear more from our executives during their keynotes.

Bringing data to a new level

Data analytics isn’t something new. Institutions are successfully leveraging data to inform many decisions and to better support their students. Up until now, institutions could retrieve and analyse data from each solution they have, separately. There is an entire new layer of educational insights waiting to be uncovered when you bring together and perform analysis on data from across thedifferent solutions. This is another advantage that an integrated edtech platform on the cloud can deliver and it’s one of the reasons why we are increasing our investments in Blackboard Data. Last month at BbWorld, we presented the first Blackboard Data platform release, which we developed in partnership with 130 client developers at over 75 institutions across the world. At TLC, you will be able to get technical insights and a hands-on experience of this first release.

Supporting teachers with knowledge

Sometimes teachers struggle to fully leverage the power of technology to deliver engaging lessons. Institutions around the world are recognising that they need to do more and help their teachers to be more effective and confident so they can better meet the needs and expectations of their digital native students. To this end, we have created a professional development and certification program that provides theoretical and practical knowledge of the methodologies, processes and techniques required for teaching in online or blended courses. We will run the first module of the course at TLC, giving participants the ability to take the examination and be certified.

These are only a few of the topics we will discuss next week. The world is rapidly changing, including the way and rate at which people learn, and the education industry needs to evolve quickly. The Teaching and Learning Conference will be the ideal forum to discuss how the integration of technologies such as cloud computing, automation, AI, and data analytics can help you address these changes, today and in the future.

See you in Sydney!