Thank you for following our Common Core blog series. So far we have discussed the importance of not starting with a clean slate and training your teachers with efficiency. This week will discuss the need to keep parents informed as you embark upon your Common Core journey. A lot of change it taking place and it’s more essential than ever to keep your parents in the loop.

I had the opportunity to talk with Kim Cavanaugh, who is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Palm Beach County Schools (FL) – the nation’s 14th largest school district. Kim is responsible for the learning resources and services that are delivered via the Web to teachers, students, and parents. I asked Kim to share a “selfie” with us where he elaborates on how they are keeping parents informed about Common Core. Check out what he had to say:

For further reading on why it’s important to keep parents informed, read step 3 of the SlideShare here. Follow this blog series every week and download the full SlideShare here to see how you can get your school or district ready for Common Core.

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