Last week we discussed how education experts, administrators and teachers across the country are doing a lot of work to prepare for Common Core. Specifically we highlighted the importance of not starting with a clean slate. This week we will focus on training your teachers with efficiency.

According to YouGov, 72% of math and/or English language arts teachers feel that quality professional development is necessary in order to successfully implement Common Core State Standards in their classrooms. Teachers are very busy already, therefore training them on how to implement Common Core State Standards is a must.

We had the chance to talk with Joe Crawford, a supervisor of professional learning at Cobb County School District in Georgia, about how they are preparing their students for Common Core. He explained how they are using our learning management system, Blackboard Learn, to create a space where teachers can easily find resources and materials to prepare for Common Core. He emphasized that when teachers have access to resources they quickly become better equipped and more comfortable with the new standards.

Crawford also stressed the importance of teacher networking and sharing best practices. Specifically they’ve “built out laboratory classrooms that model instruction around Common Core State Standards.” These laboratory classrooms provide an easy way for teachers to feel both connected and trained.

For further reading on step 2 of getting ready for Common Core read this SlideShare.

Follow this blog series every Friday and download the full SlideShare here to see how you can get your school or district ready for Common Core.


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