For the Blackboard Connect team, winter is an exceptionally busy time of the year as many K-12 school districts and higher education institutions rely on Blackboard Connect to get the word out about snow days and delayed starts. Meanwhile, government agencies turn to Blackboard Connect to communicate with their constituents when exceptionally bad weather rolls in. In the last few years, winter storms have become increasingly severe, with many towns and cities being affected for days on end, even after the storm has passed. Already this year, we have seen a freak autumn snow storm incapacitate the Northeast, as many New England communities were without electricity for nearly 5 days.

When a devastating blizzard hit Maryland, Harford County personnel turned to the Blackboard Connect service to help keep residents safe and informed. The National Weather Service placed the county under a blizzard warning, and over the next few days more than 8,400 residents lost power. Throughout the week, the county sent out storm-related communications, reaching more than 90,000 households with critical safety-related messaging. Residents were instructed to stay home, avoid street parking, and keep roads clear for plowing efforts.

As temperatures drop and snow starts to fall, cities need to be properly prepared to effectively respond and communicate during urgent situations caused by severe winter weather. Local governments across the county are using Blackboard Connect to send information and updates to residents before, during and after severe winter weather.

Get Prepared for Winter Weather with Blackboard Connect

Join our webinar this Thursday, Dec 8 at 2:00 EST to hear how three communities managed communication during urgent, winter weather-related situations using Blackboard Connect.

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