Black Sabbath did it. The Black Crowes have done it. The Black-Eyed Peas, too.

And now Blackboard is doing it.

We’re going on tour. The Blackboard Never Stop Learning Tour.

You may be thinking, “You’re not a band. Why go on tour?”

For the same reason bands do: to interact with people who greatly matter to us.

You can voice your opinion to us and we will share great teaching stories with you. Plus you’ll get to network and exchange best practices with your peers.

This inaugural spring tour will include eight stops:

April 5 Los Angeles

April 12 Philadelphia/New Jersey

April 16 Miami

April 19 Ann Arbor

April 26 New York

May 3 Toronto

May 23 Chicago

May 31 Tuscaloosa

Who’s going? The people who design and build the Blackboard tools you use daily. And they can’t wait to meet you, because you’re the reason they do this. They not only want your feedback—they rely on it.

Who’s presenting? The multi-track agenda features peer-led presentations and panels. That’s right, stories from the trenches, everyday users have been hand-selected to present their best practices.

Who should attend?  Administrators, instructional designers, faculty, etc. there’s something on the agenda for everyone.

We’re also bringing publishers; check the individual tour stops to see which publishers are coming to an event near you.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road. It’ll be rocking even without rock music. Register now for a tour date near you and join the conversation: #BbOnTour

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  • Joel Kinison

    You forgot the “Black Keys!”