Everyone knows that one of the hottest trends right now is Google+ (read “plus”). Despite limited access to the highly-coveted online tool slash social network, it is never too early to begin thinking about how trainers can use this forum in the near future. These FOUR ways to use Google+ in corporate training will have you hunting down an invite today:

1)     Centralize your professional and personal information. Not everyone wants to be friends with professional connections on Facebook. Google+ enables users to personalize their information in all the same ways as “the social network,” but now users can more easily separate the personal from the professional. (Insider tip: The trend is now leaning toward more professional use for this social network so take this opportunity to brand you and the work you do!) 2)     Create circles, and lots of them. Organize communication to instructors, learners, and employees by creating categorized circles. You may add as many or as few people in any circle and have as much crossover between them as you prefer. (Insider tip: Google+ allows users to follow anyone – similar to how Twitter works – without requiring approval. So, go ahead and look up your favorite corporate trainer, like Jay Cross below – you might just get to see a side of them that’s more than 140 characters!) 3)     Be accessible by video chat. Start a hangout and your circles will see that you’re available for video chat.  If you have a web cam, then up to ten people can pop in and say “hello” or ask a question. This is a great spur-of-the-moment way for trainees to ask a quick question of their colleagues or instructors. 4)     Get the latest news on training. Stay apprised of what’s happening in the corporate training and learning sphere by creating topical “sparks” to search relevant news. (Insider tip: Find a story you really like? Share it with one or all of your circles!)

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  • http://www.golfclubfitting.info Brett

    It will be interesting to see how Google + moves forward in comparison with their previous attempts at a social network. With Facebook market leader I am not sure they will dominate the market. I must say they have some really great features in Google + so I am sure it will give facebook a run for their money. In fact they said they 25M subscribers in the first month, took facebook over a year to achieve that!