Technology for Common Core

This boy’s face sums up the feeling that lots of folks have towards the Common Core national educational standards, which are set to debut in the 2014-2015 school year, right now. These new standards will change how teachers teach, what teachers are teaching, and how students are evaluated.

But fear not! With the right strategy and tools, districts can take advantage of what they know, train to fill any gaps, and keep everyone involved informed as they create a culture of constant improvement and collaboration that will lead to excellence in the Common Core classroom.

Four tips on how schools can use technology for Common Core

I recently wrote an article for eSchool News on four great tips on how schools can use technology for Common Core standards. Here’s a preview of the tips I shared; check out the article for more and share any additional tips or insight below!

  • Train up with online collaboration tools
  • Don’t reinvent the content wheel: Use open content repositories to share resources
  • Acclimate students to how they will be evaluated
  • Use communication tools to keep parents informed

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