When Hilbert College set out to replace their ANGEL LMS, administrators and academics did so with an ambition to expand the footprint and reputation of their institution.

“We were launching our first graduate programs,” explained Jenna Dulak, Web Manager, Distance Learning Coordinator, and Adjunct Instructor at the College. “This decision was as much about finding a vendor that could scale with our changing needs, as it was about finding an innovative solution to drive us forward.”

After reviewing many alternative systems, Hilbert College decided a migration to Blackboard Learn would be the best course forward for four key reasons:

1) Blackboard Product Quality

Enhancements like Inline Grading, Video Everywhere, Calendar, Item Analysis, Retention Center, and Blackboard xpLor had Hilbert College faculty and staff excited about a transition to Blackboard. And, all features and functions were made available at the same contract terms as the institution was paying for their ANGEL LMS.

2) Free Parallel License of Blackboard Learn

As ANGEL customers, Hilbert College took advantage of a co-production offer that allows institutions to run Blackboard Learn and ANGEL side-by-side. This allows institutions – like DeSales University, North Central Michigan College, Bowie State University, Lindsey Wilson College and many others – that migrate from ANGEL to Blackboard, to do so on their own terms and pace.

3) Blackboard Community Resources & Programs

Jenna and the Hilbert College team took advantage of many of the free resources made available to ANGEL customers that migrate to Blackboard Learn. These programs and resources included the On Demand Learning Center (video tutorials), Help.Blackboard.com (full help documentation for students, faculty and staff), Communications Toolkit (template communications tools for rolling out a migration), and the Upgrade Cohort Program (peer led virtual support sessions for migrating schools).

4) ANGEL to Blackboard Course Conversion

One of the first benchmarks that Hilbert College examined was the quality at which various LMS systems converted ANGEL courses. “We went to CourseSites.com to test out ANGEL to Blackboard Learn course conversions,” explained Dulak. “Our conclusion was that Blackboard had a course conversion tool that eclipsed their competition considerably.”

“In the end, I have more evidence than not to suggest that Blackboard is listening very closely to the remaining ANGEL community,” concludes Dulak. “Our faculty and staff required specific use cases from our ANGEL LMS to justify a switch, and these features are either available to us in Blackboard Learn today or coming down the pipe shortly.”

Want to learn more about ANGEL, including a potential migration to Blackboard Learn? Join our ANGEL Office Hours group. This program is led by Blackboard Support, Product Management and Marketing, and features presentations from schools like Hilbert College, DeSales University, SUNY and more.

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