Five Ways to Save With Blackboard Classroom


With the change of administration, the prospect of legislative change and shifting funding on the horizon has prompted school districts to intensify efforts to reduce costs without negatively impacting education outcomes for students. With budgetary pressures and uncertainty looming, schools must find ways to do more with less.

With Blackboard Classroom, you can do more with less, all while…

  • Expanding curricular offerings and providing more flexibility.
  • Nurturing the digital collaboration skills that are critical for college and career readiness.
  • Personalizing learning to boost student engagement and achievement.
  • Ensuring learning can continue even when it’s not safe to come to school.
  • Better preparing teachers to effectively incorporate technology in their classrooms.
  • Creating an inclusive learning experience to meet the needs of all students.

Find out how much can you save by implementing Blackboard Classroom to solve some of your most pressing challenges. Use our calculator to find out much you can save, then read the new companion eBook to learn more about how you can do more with less.