Now that the holiday season has begun, we’ve been thinking about all the things we don’t want to take for granted this year: family, friends, and – of course – sales training.  Every day, we get to see the real impact that sales training can have on businesses of all sizes, from improving sales team collaboration to increasing the number and value of sales leads.

With that, here are the top five reasons why we are thankful for sales training this year:

1.  It boosts sales. According to one Blackboard Learn for Salesforce user, sales reps who successfully complete 100% of their assigned training are outperforming those who don’t by an average of 12%.With customizable learning plans, you can measure where individual reps are succeeding and where they need more help so they can get the greatest ROI from their training time.

2.  It develops leaders. One of the most underrated benefits of sales training is its ability to foster leadership among younger employees. Especially when sales training is done on a continual basis, instead of “one-off” training sessions, you can develop high-potential performers as they encounter real-world business problems every day.

3.  It’s high-tech. Boring PowerPoints and “drinking from the fire hose” belong in the sales training past. Today’s sales training is characterized by continuous learning, social networking, and mobile capabilities, helping sales reps develop skills they can immediately use in the field.

4. It builds a social enterprise. Say goodbye to cold-calls. Today’s business environment is all about building genuine relationships with customers and within your sales team – and it all begins with hands-on social collaboration during sales training.

5.  It’s all gravy. When you combine Blackboard’s innovative training solutions with the power of Salesforce, you get Blackboard Learn for Salesforce: an ideal tool to help your company build a social enterprise, increase sales, and dramatically impact the way you train and educate sales reps. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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