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Five Benefits of Using the Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) Method


Make the most of your content, distribute it across multiple channels and audiences

The days of merely publishing content on a website are no longer the best way to reach parents. Schools and districts need to deliver content on many channels and devices, or they risk having a communication gap with community stakeholders. However, publishing “everywhere” on social media, websites, emails, text messages and mobile apps may sound like a lofty goal. Most schools and districts don’t have the resources to manage that kind of distribution. But, there is hope because you can use COPE.

COPE stands for “create once, publish everywhere.” It is a technique used to publish messages across all communication channels simultaneously. All you have to do is write a message, select which channels to send to (email, text, phone, app, website, social media, etc.) and click publish. What used to take hours of rewriting, copy and pasting, and logging into different systems can be cut down to a few minutes worth of work with COPE. Ultimately, you can say more, do more, and reach more of the community without overextending internal resources.

Here are five benefits of using COPE:

1. Publish to Multiple Platforms Simultaneously

Write a message once and select as many distribution channels as you want. Emails, mobile app notifications, website alerts, any RSS feeds, and social media platforms are the favorites among schools today.

2. Save Time

COPE allows a lot of work to be done by any size staff, saving time, effort, and overhead by sending messages to various channels simultaneously. Say goodbye to copy and pasting multiple times!

3. Archived Content

Craft a variety of pre-made messages to use in recurring circumstances or when time might be a factor. Inclement weather closings, fundraisers, and event reminders can be pulled from your saved library at any time. This will lessen the burden on faculty and staff to create new parent communications. 

4. Fresh Content

The ability to publish to multiple channels ensures there is a steady flow of content across all your communication platforms and creates more touch points with your community.

5. Provide Adaptive Content

Create content that is planned and developed around the community. COPE can help develop meaningful and personalized interactions across all channels. It is content that is conceived for  customers: their context, their mood, their goals.

Multi-device and channel experiences are a natural evolution to provide important and relevant information quickly, and support your community. To strengthen your communications, use the COPE method at your school or district. To learn more about how Blackboard’s Community Engagement Solution can can help you publish to all of your communications channels at once, visit our website.


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